Advanced manufacturing technologies with the growing needs of the industry.

Jitendra Enterprises facilitated with over 09  moulding machines ranging from 80T to 550T. & Injection moulded components from shot weight 5 gms to 1100 gms. Total consumption is about 40 TON per month.

Consumption material includes a wide variety of materials like TPE, PP+ EPDM,TPU PVC, POM, PC, ABS, Nylon, PMMA, HD, PP, LLDP, PET. So the combination of highly precise machines has resulted in impressive list of satisfied customers.

Where passion impacts performance

We provide Innovative & cost effective solutions for replacement of Neoprene, Nitrite, EPDM & few other thermoset rubber components to “Thermoplastics Elastomers-TPE”, thereby increasing the productivity, Durability & Quality of components reducing the Carbon footprint & optimizing the resources utilized in the process.

Plastic Cans & Barrels

Plastic Drums

Injection Molding Auto Parts

Blow Molding Auto Parts

Pet Bottle Manufacturing

Corrugated Boxes Manufacturing

In-House Tool Room Facility