Jars specially made for edible oil and food industry requirements. Attractive and ergonomic design.

Narrow Open Mouth Drums manufactured are made using superb quality raw materials and advanced machinery. These drums come with a small opening at the top. The small opening in these drums makes it easy to pour the liquid in and out of the drums without spilling. They also come with the handle on their sides so that it becomes easy to lift them.

20 Ltr Ribbed (Polycan)

20 LTR (Polycan)

25 LTR (Polycan)

30 LTR (Polycan)

30 LTR (Polycan)

35 LTR Ribbed (Polycan)

35 LTR (Polycan)

50 LTR RKT (Round N/M)


50 LTR RKT Ribbed

50 LTR (Round N/ M)

100 LTR (Round N/ M)

205 LTR (Round N/ M)

220 LTR (Round N/ M)

220 LTR (Round N/ M)

235 LTR (Round N/ M)

250 LTR (Round N/ M)